NERC CIP Audit Compliance Tool Features

A Simple Inexpensive Solution Covering All Your Compliance Needs

Pre Loaded Standards

Our Solution is preconfigured with all existing standards, over 30 NERC CIP data-driven evidence reports and oversight & issue management dashboards (CIP and 693).

Work Flow and Process Diven

NERC/CIP uses process-driven compliance and closed-loop controls to enforce compliance, streamline work, and build the “stack” of evidence to meet all aspects of each NERC/CIP Version 5 Requirement.

Built-In Document Management

Built-in Document Management handles all evidence file types and relates them to all relevant NERC/CIP Requirements without creating copies; ensuring a single source of truth for all evidence.

NERC/CIP’s Closed-Loop Control Framework validates critical compliance data; including Ports and Services, Patches, Security Controls, Local Accounts, Logical Access Rights and Physical Access Rights.

One-Click RSAW and Audit Package generation streamlines the audit readiness process and ensures compliance packages are properly completed with all supporting evidence built into each package generated.

Dramatically reduce the time spent on compliance with advanced automation, work simplification, and best practice compliance processes.